Memories I’ll cherish.



One of my favourite pictures at the moment. 


The whole back story behind this picture.


The night before (Thursday), I was cooking spaghetti sauce for the open house (on Friday). It was almost 11 and Fadli decides to accompany me in the kitchen. Somehow one conversation led to another and he somehow decided to kacau Mr Fiance. 


“Fadli nanti amik gelas lepas tu fadli nak ting ting ting (Imagines that he is holding a glass with a spoon and clinks it) 


“Pengumuman pengumuman! Fadli nak cakap Fadli akan panggil Sairi Abang Long.”

(ps I’m kaklong.)


That was the plan. Li was doing in the toilet, heard the whole convo and we were set. 


Along came Friday night. Fadli came back from training. Mr Fiance came along with his parents. And then it happened. 


The moment Mr Fiance arrived, Li and I were all geared up and waiting for Fadli to make the supposed announcement. What does Fadli do to wiggle out of this?


He kept on eating. And eat. And eat. Yes he does have an appetite and we probably hungry too. 


He didn’t budge. By then Li’s friends had arrived and he was with them. 


Till Mr Fiance’s and family decided to go to Cik Umi’s house. Somehow I knew we had to force Fadli to say it now especially before they actually left. I bet by then Mr Fiance was quite puzzled cause we kept saying “Fadli! Fadli!” 


And then it happened. 


I think Fadli also macam kekok and he started of by 


“Fadli nak welcome Sairi to the family and panggil Sairi abang long,” proceeds to salam him and whatnot. 


We just burst out laughing. Not only did he said what he wanted to, he even welcomed Mr Fiance to my family lah seh! 


On my part, his family saw a side of me that I had safely kept hidden until then. I animatedly told his mom and dad how everything started. Yes with all the hand gestures and loud voice. Let’s hope that I can keep that part far far away, hidden. HEH. 


The other day, my family went to visit his house and Cik Umi was there with us and all was ok till I met up with Cik Umi at one of the other houses we went visiting to. 


“Kaklong bukan main baik you depan mak Sairi. Is that how you are going to be like? Kalau Uncle Ib semut die pijak tak mati depan father you, you diri atas telur full weight tak pecah tau!”


For the record, I memang diri atas telur full weight memang tak pecah tau! :p

You know I love you Acik. ❤




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