The Conjuring + Heart of Maria = :((


The hype over The Conjuring has been going on for a while so after house visiting Mr Fiancè’s colleague, we decided to catch the movie.

If you have a heart of steel, I’d say go ahead and watch it. If you, however, have a heart of Maria, save yourself the trauma (not forgetting the screams and covering of face and peeking through your fingers).

Let’s face it. A heart of Maria can tolerate kids in class who just told me nonsensical things but not a scary movie which is BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

Honestly, they are mixed reviews. One of my cousin went to watch said that she left the theatre disappointed. It was based on this suggestion that I wanted to watch the movie. A couple of my friends who watched it said that it’s a 9/10. Super scary and super good.

Here’s the thing: I anticipated my cousin’s review (it not being scary) and totally forgot my friends’ review saying that it was scary.

I left the theatre shaken and wondering why do I do this to myself in the first place.

We went for the 6.50pm show and when the show just started, I turned to Mr Fiancè and wondered why did we go for this timing!

All in all, if you want a good scare, do go for this movie. If you have a heart of steel that is.

I’m contemplating if I should reveal a scene here.


The husband told the demonologist that there have been incidents of birds flying towards their house, hit the house, break their neck and died. So after the wife got possessed, they covered her with a white cloth, restrained her by tying her to the chair. The demonologist started to perform an exprcism on her. This is when things start to rattle behind her. To me this is normal (kind of expected in most exorcism movies). The wife begins to scream and somehow bats started to fly around the house in large quatities & into the house. The demonologist started to perform an exorcism and somehow everything remained calm. Then the wife in the chair started to levitate and turn upside down and latched itself to the ceiling. So yes. It was very scary.

The was I see it, it had to be a true story as the whole storyline cannot be fathomed in the normal human mind. It’s like a person telling a ghost story till you get goosebumps and knowing for sure that the story had to be true.

One of the upcoming movie that we want to watch is Prisoners, starring Ryan Gosling and Hugh Jackman, about Hugh Jackman’s kids disappeared and they are trying to find the children back. It should be in the thriller genre. Date of release is not out yet (coming soon).

My face wasn’t anywhere close to this after the movie.

Of course Mr Fiancè and I said no more to such movies.

Until the next horror movie comes along. Heh.

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