Wedding preparations

Yesterday Mak went to collect the wedding invites and they were definitely what I had



They were soooooo cute! (Of course I’m the one who chose it lah kan -.-“) 

(I am torn over unveiling the wedding invites here or not tau! it’s not like it’s exclusively desiged seh -.-“)


Somehow over the weekend, with Mak and Mak Long’s help most of the prep is done (I should be going for a fitting this Saturday). Many have been asking how’s my wedding prep and all. I on the other hand is more worried about the nikah. (The rest can belakang kira lah eh)


One thing that many would not realise is being sad. Being sad that you wouldn’t be able to see your parents anytime you want. (I should be moving to Mr Fiance’s place.) For now, I’m more skewed to being sad that I won’t see my Mak as often as I’d like. 


Yes I’m going back on the weekends and whatnot but the feeling isn’t just the same you know. Maybe I’m just sensitive sangat thinking of all this but then again… You can’t deny this logic as well. 


Onto a happier note: Cause now I got the wedding invite already lah kan, I dah excited for the wedding. In my mind nak tu lah, nak ni lah… haiz… Menjadi ke tak I don’t know. I haven’t even told anyone yet but I’m determined to make what I plan work. (Yelah kalau plan tak jadi kan nanti shy shy tersipu-sipu heheheheh!)


ps: I honestly do hope that I don’t turn into a bridezilla


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