Mak and her smartphone and Ramadhan


Mak recently got a smartphone (Galaxy Note 2). She wanted this phone as she was watching some Korean drama and they used this model. She’s very happy when phone rings as she can hear the ringtone (which is obviously the same ringtone as the one in the drama.)


One thing that she constantly ask her children to do is to Google things up for things that she wants to find out. So now with her smartphone she can start Google-ing things up herself. 


One day, for some reason (I think I was charging my phone), I used her phone to Google up something. (Ok it could possibly be my laziness). Somehow (I’m not sure if this is with all Android phones) you can see the search history. 


You know how we’d just type what we want to know in the search bar? My Mak did the same, except with a lot more finesse than most of us. 


For example, if we want to search about Paraguay, what you and I would type would be 


What Mak would have typed

Can you tell me more about Paraguay?

Please tell me more about Paraguay.


I kid you not and this went on for a bit. Class I tell you. Class. 


Can’t remember which day of the week, she was watching some YouTube video and for iPhone, there’s a screenlock feature (meaning the video would not turn sideways when you tilt your phone). I’m not too sure about Android. Somehow the video tilted and she wanted it in a certain position. As luck would have it, it didn’t tilt back to it’s original position. She did what any normal person would do back in the 90’s. 


She started to hit the phone on her wrist. Yes like how I hit the TV back then when the “area” wasn’t working. (Or was it the antennae?) She did that a few times, with me laughing and telling Mak to not do that. 


I foresee more fun moments with Mak and her smartphone. Really I do. 



I did this before once and I tweeted about it and today Mak did the same thing, making me laugh at the road side.


Once I tweeted that I almost flagged down a police car. 


Yes. Today, while waiting for a cab, Mak held out her hand, thinking she was flagging a cab, which turns out to be a police car. She was offended that they didn’t stop and offer us a ride home. 


When she was a student, a police car actually stopped and offered her a ride home, which she accepted. When the police car just passed by us, she was “offended”


“Dulu Mak anak dara, nak hantar mak balik. Sekarang dah tua, tak pandang pun.” 


Yes she was joking, till she reached home and realised that she didn’t take down the license plate of the police car. 



 After a week, this is how I picture myself. Yes, eye bags and all. Ok you can add serabai hair to the mix as well. 


Ramadhan is coming next week. I really do hope I have more patience on the day, make little changes that I can continue even after Ramadhan ends. I’ve yet to make a challenge for this upcoming Ramadhan (aside from the usual nak-lose-weight-but-forget-the-moment-buka-starts) Hmmm maybe that should be my goal eh this time round.


Practicing self restrain. It would be a nice and possibly anger reducing thingy that may (in syaa Allah) help me in times to come. 


Have a great Ramadhan guys 🙂 


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