Movie Review: The Heat



Was supposed to be surprised by Mr Fiance yesterday which somehow ended up with both of us surprising ourselves. 


Instead of watching Pee Mak like I thought I would, we actually caught The Heat instead. Seat were really hard to get for Pee Mak (we met in the evening and of course there was only about 2 more seats left in the theatre for it) and decided to catch The Heat instead. 


It’s rated M18 (meaning you’ve to be 18 and above to catch this movie unless you look old enough of which age isn’t really a barrier). It also meant that it was easier to get seats for it as it filters out those with young families and all. Managed to get good seats and we were ready to go. 


I got to know of the movie as I watch Spoken Reasons video on YouTube from time to time. I did wonder why is he promoting the movie and how much he’s paid to do so (turns out he has a role in it). Also, it didn’t hurt as Sandra Bullock is starring in it as well. 



Both of us really enjoyed the movie. We didn’t even realise that it was 2 hours long. I’ve to admit the M18 rating is due to the coarse language used and the occasional gunshots but hey, it’s a cop movie. 


We both came to the conclusion that it’s something like 21 Jump Street but in this case, it’s the female version. Yes, 21 Jump Street is funnier but it’s definitely worth to watch. Hilarious. Must watch. The movie did remind me of Miss Congeniality. 


IMDB gave a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, I’d  give it a 3.5 stars. 


Ayah has to go to JEM to buy clothes for his company dinner. The theme is purple, silver black. (I know right?)


Personally I think Ayah wants to win the best dressed award, hence we’re going to Jem tonight. Of course Li was home and Ayah said to Li


“Jom ajak Mak kau gi Jem.”

Of which, Li answered

“Mak masok bilik Li, kite gi jamming.”

(Yes Li has electric guitars in his room). 


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