Peeling pineapples with Maria!


As some of you may know, I stay with my grandparents on weekdays, weekends I go back to my house. Sometimes I’m tasked to cook for Nenek and Atok. Today was no different. Except, I’m told to peel pineapples. 

With a parang. The very same one people use to slash people. (Ok at least I think it’s e same one. How many different types of parangs are there in the first place? OK so there are different types of parangs. Moving on.)

Initiallt I was excited. I’d thought I’ll be able to employ the technique used by Martin Yan (you know, the Yan can cook guy) on one of his shows. You’d get something like this. Image



Naturally I told Mak and she said 

“Kau jangan nak ngada-ngada. Kopek macam biase aje” 

So yes I did peel it the old fashioned way, with a parang. Fearing I’d cut myself along the process. While trying my best not to touch the blade at all. Even when I washed the parang after I’m done. 


Honestly I thought I butchered the whole pineapple! It was so thick then it came to this size.No turning back. I continued with the second pineapple. After which I’m told to cut it like how it is cut for rojak. 


If I though I butchered the pineapple the first time round, it was nothing compared to this. I don’t think pineapple for rojak look like this. Halfway through cutting, I thought I was making the filling for pineapple tarts. 


All aside, I think I did an okay job peeling the pineapples. While washing the dishes, I know I DO NOT want to clean fish. Or siang ikan. I honestly would want to put that off forever if I could. Also while Google-ing for pictures of peeled coconut, I saw this…




You’ve got to agree. This is a cool product. Possibly expensive, but cool nonetheless. 


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