Mari memasak bersama Maria: Macaroni Goreng

Since I’m not going anyway this June holiday (very sad indeed), I’ve somehow manage to steer myself towards cooking. Yes. Cooking. Some may say “Nak kahwin katakan…” while others may say “Bagus tu!”. Believe me, it’s also a lot easier to learn when you want to than when you’re forced to.

The Inspiration: Instagram. (One of my friends put a picture of it IG)

The most important ingredient: Mak, followed by macaroni and yadah yadah yadah…

How not to get a scolding
* Prepare all the ingredients yourself 
* Don’t keep calling for Mak while you’re cooking. 
* Try to remember all the cooking tips Mak has dropped over the years about cooking.

All in all, it was a success! Yes, as Mak dropped by when I thought I’m done cooking and gave me tips (and added a few more ingredients) to make it nicer (based on another aunt’s recipe). Told ya Mak is the most important ingredient. 

No, no picture as I’ve forgotten to take a picture of it. Boohoo. 


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