Angkat Sumpah (A simple yet heavy sentence)

No, not that kind of sumpah. I went to Registry Of Muslim Marriages (ROMM) to swear an oath that I was single (meaning not been married before nor a divorcee) with Mr Fiancé. 

Was I worried? I was more worried about what should I wear -____________-

When I posted to twitter, one of my friends (who recently got married) gave an insight… well more like 

“They will ask you are you sure you wanna get married! Lol”

“What if i tersipu-sipu (shy)? Hahah!”

“Tersipu-sipu? Cakap aje nak laaaa. Lolol”

“They will really ask that? Hahaha. What else will they ask I wanna know :p” 

(Red being my married friend, Blue me, Maroon my other friend who genuinely wanted to know)

So it got me thinking (and asking Mr Fiancé if he really did wanna marry me). This post is dedicated to those who will (in syaa Allah) be in my shoes one day. 


First you need to make the online application ($39). There, you will also choose your preferred Tok Kadi. Alternatively, you can register at ROMM itself (there are three computers that you can use) and pay via nets.

SIDETRACK: When you register online, there is an option whereby there will be a drop box for you to select if your wali or guardian consents or does not consent to the wedding. To me this is very surprising. (Someone said something about cinta terlarang.) OK moving on. 

After that you have to register yourself, get a ticket number and wait. A lady will attend to you and your partner to verify the particulars. One thing we forgot to bring was the Kursus Rumahtangga cert. (In my defence, I don’t think they mention to bring it via the site.)


THEN you wait and meet the Tok Kadi who’s working that day. First to go in will be your wali, followed by whoever the Tok Kadi wishes to see next. (Could be the girl or the guy.)


My case is the exception. Turns out, it was Uztaz Ismail Terimoh, my Mak’s and uncles friend since they were in school. After Ayah left the room, he said Uztaz Ismail wanted to see us both at the same time

He was really friendly and asked if we’re single, asked us to check our particulars again and all. The most important questions of all

“Pergi belajar kat mana-mana tak?”

“Ya/ Tidak.”

“Nama tempat belajar tu ape?”

“(insert name)”

“On aje? Ke on off? Ke offline?”

“(Insert your answer)” 

SIDETRACK: Once there was talk in NTU by a Tok Kadi who said that on paper we are ranked 1, 2 or 3 on our religious knowledge. 1 being knowing the least, 2 knowing average, 3 the best of all.

Mr Fiancé got a 2 while I got a 1 😦 . I am ashamed by this. I should go for classes just to keep myself in the know. Of which, Uztaz Ismail said to Mr Fiancé

“Awak kene bimbing die.”

Simple yet heavy sentence. 

After which, we then literally angkat sumpah, right hand raised and all. Something along the lines of 

“Saya, Maria Humairah BInte Roslan, sumpah apa yang saya katakan adalah benar…”


And we’re done! 


OH OH! We changed our Tok Kadi! HEHEH!

The thing is we (or rather Mak and I) really wanted Uztaz Ismail Terimoh because we know him. When I wanted to choose him as our Tok Kadi, he wasn’t available. Just nice, after the interview was done, he actually came out of the room to talk to Mak (since they were from the same school.) Cut story short, he’s actually available. Mak and I were so relieved to get him that even though we to pay $15 because of the change, we were just too happy. 


Not saying that other Tok Kadis are bad. This is just a matter of preference. We like the fact that we know him (lebih selesa) and he was also the Tok Kadi for Cik Umi’s wedding. 


Walking down from ROMM, you can definitely tell that Mak and I were simply too happy to get Uztaz Ismail. The only person who didn’t get why we were so delighted to get Uztaz Ismail was of course, Mr Fiancé. 


“You are so happy, but at the end of the day he’s shaking my hand you know.”


4 thoughts on “Angkat Sumpah (A simple yet heavy sentence)

      1. yup2.. tats the usual way to do.. the guy to pay.. hehe.. So after booking online is done, tat doesnt gurantee tat the naib kadi is definitely free on tat slot?

      2. Yep. If you want that particular kadi, I suggest you make a personal call to him if you want to get him. For me, as my Mom knows the tok kadi that we wanted, we made arrangements with him so that we can get him for my solemnization 🙂

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