Movie Review: Star Trek Into Darkness (Surprisingly AWESOME)



I watched this last Wednesday as part of staff retreat. 

Initial reaction

Of all the movies they could have chosen, they chose Star Trek?!

What I did to overcome my initial reaction

Google-ing up the show. Which gave me a massive headache. One thing I did learn is that behind every Star Trek show there is a moral to that story. I looked forward to catching the moral behind it. (Really I did.)


My review about the movie.

It was surprisingly AWESOME. This is actually my first Star Trek movie and I caught the moral straight on. It didn’t feel like a two hour movie at all (unlike Fast and Furious 6). Even if I couldn’t understand the Wiki, It was easily understandable. Also I had this misconception  whereby I thought it was a remake. No it’s not a remake. It’s a continuation of the series. 


4 out of 5 stars. 


Why should you watch it? 

I think it’s good for people to explore a different genre and it’s actually quite witty. Ah. Now I understand why Scott is Irish. In the original series, he is an Irish guy. I thoroughly enjoyed his parts and of course his accent. 


It’s the June holidays. Go watch it. My next movie would probably be 

Now You See Me. 

I’m pretty stoked about it. Read some reviews (most say that it is awesome) and it’s actually a thriller (current love). 


Till then, 

Love, me.


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