June Holidays= Weddings? Jb? Ghost story?

If you’re Malay, you’d know that June and December are wedding seasons. This is the first weekend of the June holidays and I’ve already been to three weddings! Yes. Three. For some, that’s the number of weddings they attend in A YEAR. 

First wedding!

I didn’t take any pictures at the first wedding as I had to rush off for the second wedding. Only managed to bump into both Amalina (Hussein and Salleh) and also Sahidah Salim. Congrats on your wedding Umairah. Even though I didn’t get to see you, from the pictures on FB, you’re definitely one heck of a gorgeous bride! 😀 In syaa Allah kekal ke Jannah. Amin. 🙂

Second wedding!



Look how I bumped into?! Naurah! And yes she lost a lot of weight! According to Mak, she said Naurah “tak makan nasi”. Before you think we impose on her to diet, she has asthma. Her losing some weight actually helps her asthma.  


YES! There was an ice-cream booth! Complete with a toppings counter at the side. I opted for the Hershey Chocolate Syrup. On my table there it was. Honey cornflakes. Of course I had to add the honey cornflakes. You go figure it out how it taste like. :p At this wedding, I was mostly eating the desserts. It was good. Seeing many familiar faces and making side jokes only family members would understand. 


Of course, it is only at a wedding when you’re getting ice-cream, your father calls for you to salam other family members and you’re torn between getting ice-cream and salam the elders. Part of me felt shy. Truly I was the only one getting the ice cream and giggled my way to salam before proceeding to get the ice-cream.


When you salam the parents of the bride, the father asked if I’d like the kid’s doorgift as well. Needless to say, I walked away with the adult’s and kid’s door gift as well.


Third wedding!

By the time I reached the third wedding, my head was spinning from all the cab rides (alright. I was using my phone too.). It was nice to see some familiar faces and this time round we are on the groom’s side. The DJ looked so familiar, but he’s not KC. According to my aunt, he’s actually KC’s brother! (Younger or older I’ve no idea)


By the time we’re done with this wedding it was already about 2.50 pm. I left the house at about 11. Thank goodness it’s all in the west.

(Jurong west, Jurong East and Bukit Panjang.) 


I honestly have no idea what’s the wedding schedule for next week (hence the part 1?). I’ve a feeling that there’s more weddings to come this month. 


Yesterday I went to Malaysia (with Mak, one of my aunts and Thohirah) to send baju raya (no the aunty doesn’t accept anymore orders) and we took a bus from Gelang Patah to Larkin. The bus journey took about an hour as the route taken is not the ones that travelers take. The bus will take you to place till my sister had a culture shock. 



We passed by this really REALLY rundown (what is supposedly) shopping centre. It is so rundown that it is abandoned, the building is not sealed shut and there are no windows. The structure itself is black and you can clearly see through the building. 


Mak: Ish tempat ni… Seram…

Me: Kenape mak?


Cut story short, this happened to one of my aunt’s cousin. He was driving and saw the said shopping centre brightly lit and he and his family actually went it and do the normal things people do at shopping centre which is to eat. He ate, he even changed extra cash there before calling it a night and head over to his cousin’s house to spend the night. Once there, they talked a bit before retiring for the night.


The next morning, the owner of the house asked him where did he go? Naturally he said the shopping centre. The owner was puzzled as he knows that there is no such shopping centre around. Of course he got a shock. 


When he checked his wallet (he did change his money), they had all turned to leaves. LEAVES. 


Naturally Thohirah and I got scared. 

Just now in the cab, she said 

“Thohirah macam nak tengok tempat tu lagi…”


Somehow, part of me wants it too but like all the wants that I want, I know it’s a bad idea. 


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