Bad habits


I admit. I have always had this urge to chase/ run after buses.

Even if I am clearly not late. Even if I told myself “It’s ok. The buses are usually on time.” Even if it means it means I’m going to be super early. 


Now I have another bad habit to add on to the list. 




Yes. I now chase after MRTs as well. Somehow this morning I begin to notice a pattern.


  1. Tell myself, “I can wait for the next train.”
  2. Sees an MRT with seats available.
  3. Quickly stomped down the escalator.
  4. Run for the train. 
  5. Gets a seat and wonder why did I even run after the train.

As I was planning this entry, I just realized that I could be trapped between the MRT doors had I been any slower!


How I justify my whole chasing thing? 

It’s exercise.  -___________-


My current working place requires me to take multiple train rides and bus rides. I honestly think after all this running after buses and trains I should at the very least lose some weigh or tone my body. If only I can control my appetite…


Told Mak that I now chase after trains. Her response?


“Sekarang kau taraf kau dah naik. Dulu kau kejar bas aje, sekarang kau kejar mrt sekali.”


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