Keep calm and go finish the book!


Lately I’ve been reading Malay novels, which is good as it will help me build my vocab bank. 

(Ok I flipped through the book and somehow the word that I had difficulty understanding is no longer there.)


My book choice for Malay novel has always been those in the romance genre

(somehow this genre has made me really angry. More on that later).

I just discovered a love for the thriller genre for English movies and somehow is able to relate it to Malay novels. (DON’T ask me how. It’s just how I think. I’ve yet to start reading English thriller novels though.) 


If I am not mistaken, one of my NIE mates actually borrowed (or purchased) one of Ramlee Awang Murshid’s works and posted a picture on Instagram, commenting that she couldn’t put the book down. That week, I went out with Mak and Cik Yah. We headed to the library to borrow books. While browsing, I actually found the said book and yes it was hard to put it down. 


Sadly I didn’t finish the book. However, Mak did and she told me the story. (Perks of having a mom that reads when she’s bored). I think I was busy and had no time to finish reading the book. (Alright. It was more of I procrastinated finishing the book till I eventually lost interest in completing the book, hence asking Mak every now and then if she has actually finished reading it.)


Mandatori is about Carlos killing those who have gone against the law. In his world, he’s a judge and whoever is caught doing wrong or have already done wrong will receive the mandatory death penalty. (Hence the title)


It was a good start before I made a mistake.


I couldn’t contain my excitement and I want to know what happens in the end.

So i turned to  the second last page which then revealed the whole story.

I regretted doing that as I’ve spoilt the ending for myself.



This time round I exercised some more control over myself and didn’t flip through the book and read the book diligently from cover to cover. *pats myself on the back* As of now, I think I have about 50 more pages to go. Can’t wait to finish reading it before I sleep 😀


Lesson learnt from reading this novel:

Patience is a virtue, lest you cheat yourself out of an experience.


Why reading Malay romance novels makes me angry 



When I started reading Malay novels again, of course I picked up a romance novel. I mean, I like the genre so I picked up one in that genre. At first it was alright. One novel that really stood out for me was Mr Arrogant. It was my first time reading that book and I spent one and a half day reading it through.


Personally, I don’t read romance books which has plots requiring the girl to choose between one guy over another. That one personally I think is nonsensical. (Or maybe I have never been in that position hence not liking that HAHAH!) 


For most part, the Malay novels are written by Malay/Muslim authors and it is reflected in their storyline e.g the prayers, the values the characters practice in the story and so on. There is also a feature at the end of the story whereby they give an insight on the religion’s aspect of things (in this case, they provide an Islamic point of view.) One of the recurring values that they bring about is how the wife must listen to the husband. 


This is where I start to get angry, really really angry. I actually said this (or somewhere along those lines) to my fiance


As much as I love reading Malay novels, if i see another

“Dia tu suami kau. Apa-apa pun, kau kena dengar cakap dia”


“Kalau suami kau tak bagi, mak tak izinkan”

worse still you use it on me, if you’re not hurt, it’s really pure luck. 

Then, of course, the heroine is some stubborn girl and her parents will say

“Dia memang degil tapi kalau pujuk pasti lembut”

What the heck! Think people very free ah to pujuk! That being said, if you never pujuk me, I don’t know what to say.”


Of which Mr Fiance replied

“You should know what you’re getting into when you nikah me. Wakaka!” 


Last Saturday, I needed a book so I picked up Mandatori and another romance novel. This time round, the romance novel contained a scene whereby the husband thinks he cuckolded and beat the heck out his wife, of which resulted in a miscarriage as neither knew the wife was with child. Of course I flipped flipped flipped through the pages and found out that they were still together at the end of the story. One of the scenes was the husband asking her why didn’t she retaliate when he was beating her. She said she was respecting him as her husband hence, not retaliating.


This made me so angry on so many levels. So many. 


What I’ve learnt is once you’re in an abusive relationship, you need to get out quick so that you are not stuck in a vicious cycle. Possibly why this scene angered me is due to the fact that it went against what I’ve learnt. Also, I’m more afraid of the fact that when girls read this story, they’d envision the partner (who has violent tendencies) whom they are with may change for the better as in this story, the guy did change. Yes people may change for the better (may Allah open their hearts, give guidance, and have them return to Him) however, there are people who are stuck in the vicious cycle. 


Then again, I may be selfish to not let other people write just because I’m against their idea. Hmmm… 


As usual, I talked to Mr Fiance about this and his take on it is 

Maybe the author is trying to portray kehalusan orang Melayu. The nilai kehalusan…” 


Of course it made me think. Yes the wife forgave the husband and was very nurturing. 


So as of now, I’m confused. To leave or not leave when people are in such a situation? 


One of my aunt’s think I’m too modern. Even though this convo took place YEARS ago, I still think about the convo from time to time. 


Am I too modern for having such a thinking or should I be more patient? 

Never thought I’d end a post with a question I myself couldn’t answer. OK. Maybe I should be more patient.


Tepuk dada, ambil nafas, Istirghfar, breathe out. Repeat.



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