Why Jurongville is dear to me



Was so excited to come across the sets of swings after my run. 


After my run yesterday morning (and singing while playing with the set of swings), while walking back home, 

I passed by the Gombak Stadium. 

It was Sports’ Day for Fuhua Secondary School and of course I’m reminded of my secondary school days. 


I never created trouble in school,

was never a problematic student,

hands in homework on time (usually),

never “cabot” from remediation (ok there’s once, maybe twice, not more than three times), 

fought with classmates (once a year. So four years= four fights. No hair pulling but still thinking about it makes me realise how shallow I was).


Apart from all that, I’m usually a very good student. :p 

I wouldn’t go so far to say that I blossomed in secondary school

(for my brother, Fadli, he really did blossom in JVS with his soccer stuff) 


I had the most fun schooling and studying there. Somehow. 


I just visited the school’s website and immediately I giggled when I saw certain teachers’ names.

I’m reminded of all the nonsense I did in their class

(particularly my secondary one and two Science teachers. I honestly hope my students are not like me, I mean a lot better behaved.)


There’s this thing in JVS whereby the Normal Technical (NT) and probably some Normal Academic (NA) guys would change houses for Sports’ day every year.

So for that particular year, Venus house (my purple house) won! 

I’m not sure why is this particular memory important to me but I also remembered during that year’s Sports’ Day 

since the guys actually changed houses, the house mistresses actually went to report it to some higher person, 

resulting in them being disqualified. HAHA. 


It’s been about close to eight years since I left and once in a while I do think about my years in JVS. 

The silly catfights

Remembering what the noodle uncle sells on certain days

The aunty (mau cili/ sayur? whenever we buy chicken burger)


Whether it’s the happy or sad memories, I’m glad I got into JVS, enjoyed every single thing I did. 

I realised my Pure Literature is no longer there and I’m a bit sad. 

Oh well. Singapore is small and I do hope I’d bump into her soon. 


Oh oh, last memory. 

I went for Fadli’s Meet-The-Parents (MTP) session. Lo and behold, my Pure Lit teacher was actually Fadli’s English teacher. 

The moment she saw him 


Fat’hil, when are you going to hand in your English file? When I give birth?” 

Yep, she was pregnant at that time. 


Ps I think you guys should go and look at your respective secondary school’s website and you’d be surprised by the teachers who are still there. 

Enjoy your weekend people! *mwa mwa*


Taken yesterday at Science Centre during the Fire Tornado Exhibition 



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