Experiences with Bubble Tea


Everyone knows bubble tea right and have definitely drank at least five cups since it’s launch in Singapore almost a decade ago?

(Yes, bubble tea has been around for a rather long time. I even remembered Macdonalds once launched a drink with pearls in it when it was the craze!)

I haven’t had one in a long time and as I drank mine just now,

I realised that no matter what bubble tea you drink (whether it’s KOI, or SweetTalk or even Each A Cup)

there are definitely moments when we (as drinkers of bubble tea) have in common.

Number 1: Too much pearl in your mouth

Usually happens when you least expect it or when you just wanted to drink as much as possible and ended with WAY too much pearl.

Of which, naturally you’re forced to chew it all awkwardly, and for me, hope that I won’t choke on any unchewed pearl as I swallow them.

Number 2: Too much of the tea on your mouth with no pearl

Which leaves you with a mouthful of the tea and as usual, trying awkwardly to swallow it at one go.

This left me with a literally cold chest, no pun intended.

Number 3: Unexpectedly swallowing a pearl as you drink your bubble tea

Which makes you choke and start thumping your chest to make yourself feel better.

Number 4: Forgetting all these scenarios every single time you drink bubble tea

Yes. That sums it all up. I have yet to see people say or think

“Drink your bubble tea slowly lest you choke on your pearl”


“I must be more careful when I drink this bubble tea”

This got me thinking why we forget all this too familiar scenarios and act all surprise when one (or all) of the scenarios hit us. My conclusion?

Drinking bubble tea (for most of us) is an experience tied to friends or family or even by yourself.

You tend to enjoy drinking the bubble tea, hence letting your guard down, which makes you more “vulnerable” to these scenarios.

When these scenarios happen to you, you tend to forget about them as the experience of drinking bubble tea outweighs the cons (ie the scenarios presented above).

As such, you’d drink bubble tea again and again, regardless of how many times you’ve choked from the pearl, accidentally drinking too much at one shot or even having too much pearl in your mouth. 

I know I won’t stop drinking bubble tea, especially when the heat just refuse to go away.

Did I really just write a whole post on the experience of drinking bubble tea?


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