Throbbing heads.


Guess who discovered these eye masks?! 

Plus it was really cheap! ($1/ pack with 3 pairs in each packet from SASA)

In syaa Allah I’m getting married this year and people are asking me how’s my preparation and all that. 

I’ve no qualms about that actually.

My usual answers to those questions are

I’m more worried about practicum than my wedding prep” (Of course this was during practicum/ attachment)

I’m more worried how I’m going to now travel to _______ when I’ve to report to the school” (My current answer)

(Personally I think the reason why I’m thinking about these issues is cause it’s the matters on hand that I must deal with first)


There’s only one thing that will make me super DUPER stress, enough to make me have a headache

(mind you i only get headache when I’m far too stressed up about things).

Ironically, it’s actually reading bride-to-be’s (BTB) blogs. 


Yes. There are a few famous ones and I admit there’s nothing wrong with what they write. Really. It’s humorous even.

They’re all being very nice with where to source for berkat (door gifts) (they’d even state a few sources so that people can compare the prices and their needs) ,

sharing bad experiences with different caterers and boutiques so as no other BTB needs to go through a hell-ish experience on her big day

among other things. You cannot deny that they are very helpful. 

However, I quickly get over the it’s-a-fun-read to the why-am-i-having-a-throbbing-headache phase. 

Is it just me? 


Honestly I am excited to get married to this wonderful man


(and of course with the wonderful come the annoying package lah kan. You can’t have everything you know. HEEHEE.) 

(Side track: like what I told Crystal, if you close both eyes then you can see his face)


Of course, the only one more “excited” than me are my family members.

My siblings will gang up with Mak and express their disappointment on

how I cannot clean the house,

how messy I am,

how embarrassed they are of me when they’ve to face my fiance’s family

(all the tsk tsk tsk, ish ish ish, tut tut tut)


Yep. They’re excited alright.


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