Mak’s prep talk

I’ve been engaged for about five months now and guess what? This is my first time going to my fiancé’s place!

I know some of you are thinking
• Biar betul!
• kenape tak pergi cepat-cepat?!

So today (now actually) I’m on my way there. Who would be more nervous than me but Mak right? It’s so obvious. *flips hair*

I should have noticed the signs. I was ironing my this black top (which is a baju kurung top but sometimes I wear it as a blouse) and a pair of pants.

“Pakailah baju kurung bile gi sane.”

So yes, I’m going to his place in baju kurung. I don’t know what to say anymore.

Yes it’s actually good to go there in baju kurung (look all ayu & all that) on the other hand like over the top. However I believe it’s be overdress than underdress. (Things I say to comfort myself)

So if you do bump into me, (whenever it is I’m going) you’d probably think I’m going for a wedding.

Mak asked me if I’m going out with him after that (doubt it) so I think she plans to meet me back at Jurong Point. In a cheeky way I said

“Maira tak tau brape lame Maira pat sane.”

Big mistake.

She started her series of advice.

“Jangan ketawe banyak sangat”

“Kau duduk aje pat situ kau jangan gerak-gerak. Kau gerak pun kau gi toilet pastu kau duduk balik diam-diam”

“Kau jangan nak kepo tengok bilik orang”

“Kau jangan cakap banyak sangat. Mak tau kau banyak cakap”

“Kau tak payah lame sangat pat sane”

These are the few that I can rattle from my mind. Now that I think about it, these reminder do come in handy!

I mean, what if I did all those if Mak wasn’t there to remind me?! Knowing me, I could have done some of the above! Especially the talking a lot part. Haiyoo… Meeting his family is a lot tougher than I thought it is.

So I’m going to stop here for now. Shall continue when I’m done meeting him.


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