“I knew you were controlling yourself”

So I’ve finally left the north side and on my way back to the west to meet my parents. How was the meeting you may ask?

Let’s just say that if my Mak didn’t give me her prep talk, I don’t think I’d keep myself in check as I would usually do.

No I did not ask sensitive questions (at all). It was a surprisingly ok session. I had lunch (the food was good & I’ve no idea how the fiancé is skinny!), tea & a bit of bee hook.

How did I know I kept myself in check? It was after the fiancé and I left his place to watch a movie (Olympus Has Fallen. Sidetrack: I think that show is a propaganda ok. Moving on) We were talking when he said this

“I knew you were controlling yourself”

“How you know?!”

“Your voice isn’t the usual high pitch. I can see that you were controlling yourself”

“No!” (You can bet this was in the Maria-is-excited-cannot-control-herself tone)

Yep. That’s how it went.


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