Outside the mosque!

Yesterday Uztaz Azhar Idrus gave a talk at Masjid Sultan and let me assure you, the amount of people who turned up was just… Phenomenal! Whatever people said about the number of people who turned, the picture of the crowd… It’s all true!

Shafika asked me 2 weeks back if I wanted to go for it. And I’m so happy I went for it.

There were so many people that you can probable guess where I prayed.

Yes that’s where I sujud. And no trust me it was carpet.

This Shafika told me to bring an extra plastic bag so that can bring our shoes w us inside. Thank goodness she brought the plastic bag! If not I would have sujud on the concrete.

And yes those are indeed trees.

Somehow while standing trying to find space for the marghrib prayer, these makciks in front of us decided to pray there and created a saf of their own which led Shafika and I to form our saf behind them!


The sujud area was so limited that when I sujud, my head actually bumped into the makcik’s feet in front of me! Personally I find it funny and also soothing. On a deeper thought, I was thinking possibly, this is the reality in Mecca, where people just congregate together and pray and thinking of how blesse they are to be in such a position.

Which reminded of one of Shafika’s post whereby she was on a flight to Mecca (possibly it was Ramadhan) and they said their prayers and she felt like crying. Masya Allah it must have been such a heartwarming sight to not just her but to anyone else who would have witnessed it. just the thought of it now makes me wonder when’s my turn to go there. Hmmm. Ok enough digressing.

Some of the pointers I’ve managed to take down

• kalau sayang anak isteri, jangan melebihi sayang Nabi Muhammad SAW.

• Anak bela Mak bapak tapi tak boleh sembahyang jenazah

• sebaik-baiknya Anak lelaki menjadi imam kepada mayat ibu bapa

• hamba Allah atau hamba dunia? Hamba Allah atau hamba duit?

• dunia sebenarnya tiada masalah. Yang masalahnya adalah kami.

• Kita harus patuh kepada Allah. Iblis tidak patuh pada Allah. Sekiranya kita tidak patuh kepada Allah, kita ni tentera-tentera iblis.

Somehow the rest that I wrote are scribbles that I can’t decipher *smacks forehead*

One of my NIE mates asked if he’s really good. To me, he’s very charismatic. He can draw your attention and it’s not the marah-marah talk but more of the humor and reflective kind of talk.

I left earlier (if only there was no school on Monday). On my way back home, I looked they IG and saw quite a few of my friends actually came and judging by the pictures they actually managed to seat in the mosque. Naturally I had to ask them what time did they come.

Hairani: oh datang lepas asar.

Ariff: aku datang 6.50 tapi aku Singaporean habis aku squeeze masuk, just nice orang semua berdiri nak sembahyang, rapatkan saf. Ape lagi aku selit. Tapi lepas duduk kau tak boleh bergerak lagi.

I truly enjoyed the whole experience (yes even down to the praying outside e mosque).

Like what Shafika said “it’s nice to see youngsters coming for the talk”


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