What I ought to know before today’s cooking session

1.) Know where the ingredients are in the kitchen.

2.) Don’t pandai-pandai use substitutes even if its just a different brand of the same thing that you need. The quantity might be different of which you’ll end up with a dish that’s filled with the said thing. (It’s tahu kering. Can u imagine a pot filled w tahu kering? *smacks forehead*)

3.) Know the name of the recipe

Me: Nenek, lauk ni name die ape?
Nenek: Lauk bunga malam.

I’ve never heard of it before. Just nice, mom called.

Me: Mak lauk ni name die ape?
Mak: lauk sayur air…
Me: Mak jangan nak bedek. Nenek Kate lauk ni name die lauk bunga malam.
Mak: betul lah. Lauk bunga malam. Name bunga die bunga sundal malam (pardon my language)

4.) remember that when Mak calls, doesn’t mean the food stops cooking while its in the pot. You’ll panic when u see smoke coming out of it.

5.) Above all, now I must learn how to taste. Yes. How to taste. According to Mak, I don’t know how to taste and most of the time when I cook it’s actually bland (tawar). Still no idea on how to improve my taste buds.


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