Learning how to cook.

If all goes well, by next year October, I would be married by then, God willing. Till then, I’ve given myself a mental list of what I should do to prepare myself to be a wife.

One of which is to learn how to cook.

It’s not that I don’t know how to cook, but kawan, (I still find it hard to type his name) ok fine, Sairi can’t possibly eat spaghetti and brownies for the rest of his life right?

What happened in one of our convos

“It’s ok. I will eat whatever you cook. Nice or not nice also I will eat”
“Now you say. Later you don’t eat how?!”

Ok. Paranoid much but hey, you can’t really deny the possibility right? 😉

So far, I’ve learnt how to cook fried bee hoon (the white and the red one), epok-epok… That’s pretty much it.

So today, Mak had to go to Umah Nenek quite early and she phoned me around noon telling me to cook something for ayah.

I was all about ready to buy macs for lunch (I swear the fries never tasted that good ok) till Mak told me ayah will be back at about 3.

Li: long Masak sambal tumis. Long rebus telur. Jadi sambal tumis telur.

Fadli: sardin ah. Jadi sambal tumis sardine.

Cuz story short: I had macs for lunch & going to cook sambal tumis telur.

Thanks to Thohirah for buying the eggs (we were out of eggs AND sardine)

Mak wasn’t confident about me cooking. I on the other hand was over confident. I mean how hard can it be? I’ve seen Mak cooking it almost every week!

Ms Smarty Pants here (me) encountered the first block. How much Lada kering do I actually put? In the end I just put what I think is right. (Had a feeling it’s more spicy than what Mak would have made)

I almost forgot to put in water into the blender! ALMOST FORGOT! Nasib baik never turn on the blender first.

Put the paste on the stove and let it sit, and suddenly I got super on! I decided to clear the kitchen cabinet, wash the clothes. You know the moment, when you get soooo ON and you started thinking of the could-be’s and all that. I was on a roll!

Till I smelt something. My chilli paste hangus! Burnt! Ya. So this is the final product. I decided to add sugar thinking its was a smart move. (It was an ok move. Not that smart)

Final product?


I actually expected a bigger portion. Thohirah also expected a bigger portion too.


I honestly hope my taste buds are wrong and that it is not salty, it’s just that I didn’t mix the salt properly.

So that’s what I did. I did clear a bit of the kitchen cabinet, the clothes are washing, food is cooked.

Hopefully my cooking skills do improve in time, in syaa Allah. Till then, I seriously have a lot of work to do. This one haven’t include learning how to kemas Umah, jahit (can’t see for nuts), learning how to swim (I wanna swim but that means just floating around) among other things.


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