Epok-epok making session + ghost story

Mak has this thing where she’d suddenly wanna make this epok-epok pedas nak mampos. Yes.

Epok-epok pedas nak mampos.

So today she decided she wanna make epok-epok kentang berdaging dan bertelur pedas nak mampos.

Highlight of today’s epok-epok making session

• how dismal my epok-epok making skill is till Mak was so sakit hati looking at me kelim (the pinching of the epok-epok side) the epok-epok.

Case in point.

Before scolding.

After a lot (trust me a lot) of scolding.

Ok I’m just showing of my skills now. *flips hair*

Anyways, Thohirah and I were getting restless from making the epok-epok. Our legs were getting tired from just sitting down. Mak suggested to ask ghost stories from Nenek who was also in the kitchen.

Some of the stories were quite scary (no thanks to the cool and dark weather) The stories took place in the islands that they stayed (My nenek’s from Pulau Seraya which is now an incineration plant)

story 1
My cousin’s late grandfather was a fisherman and he went to the sea to fish as usual. One day, while he paddled out he suddenly saw a mass of hair on the surface of the sea. He followed the direction of the hair and saw 2 red eyes looking at him from beneath the sea.

By this time, my sister and I were freaked out. Ok so the story may not be scary to u but when it was told in Malay, it was spooky.

Story 2
When my grandma was little, she had this best friend. So they passed by this jambu (water apple) tree. While her best friend played on the swing, somehow her hair was wounded around the handle of the swing! So much so that they had to cut off her hair!

Till today, she’s convinced that jambu trees are haunted. Having seen and grown up w a jambu tree (I had it in my kampung) I’m not surprised if it actually is haunted.

My aunt just came over and commented that I’ve gain weight. Time to run for my life again. Ok run tml. Or later. We see how. Toodles.

Macho love and kisses


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