What could happen to you while you prepare to cook

Mak told me to learn how to cook a certain prawn dish. Told me the ingredients needed to prepare and ask Nenek to teach me how to cook the dish.

Steps taken

1.) took out the prawn and soak it in water.

2.) searched for the dried chillies

3.) realized the kitchen could use some cleaning up hence start moping the floor. The prawn needed to be thawed first before I could clean it anyway.

4.) blast iPhone and sing with all your heart and dance while cleaning up the kitchen.

5.) once done cleaning up, continue searching for the dried chillies.

6.) cut the dried chilli and start cleaning the prawn.

7.) had a stupid moment. Found some ice in between e frozen prawns and wondered if the ice were alive what would it say. I don’t know where I got this from.

8.) continue cleaning the prawn till Mak comes and see me doing it.

9.) Atok comes home from the market with fresh fish.

10.) Mak promptly told me to put away the prawn and dried chilli cuz she wanna fry the fish.

So that could happen to anyone I guess when they are preparing to cook.


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