What if I had my own reality show?



I was eating and I was thinking abt Tia & Tamara and their Disney Movie Twitches when suddenly a thought struck my mind

What if I had my own reality tv show?

For the life me, I’ve no idea how it got there but it didn’t stop me from imagining what life will be like

My daily routine wouldn’t be about bickering it’ll be more like

• waiting for 179 and cursing the buses for being full
• coming to school early just to eat breakfast
• whine about how fat I can be while eating
• then run like mad so that I could eat whatever I want
• cycle continues to the extent that Sairi knows that’s e cycle I have every month.

Eat-freak out-eat again-exercise cuz of my regret for eating-slim a bit-eat again

And the cycle continues.

Would anyone watch that show? How is it that all these reality tv shows have secrets or big stories every week to the point that some of us are glued/ addicted to watching the show?

Ya sure it’s scripted and all but still. It’s like the producers dig the deepest darkest secret!

Ok back to my blog post title:
What if I really had my own show? I don’t know if I would still turn out to be me. Probably Mak would call me up after every episode is aired and scold me about how I behaved. Actually no need the show also she’s doing that already 😉

And please tell me if u also berangan about the same thing. HAHAHAH!


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