“I’m fascinated by how the structure is able to balance”

So says Sairi as we walked through the Art of Brick exhibition. It’s actually quoted by CNN as “Top 10 global must see exhibition”.

Our initial plan was go to Marina Gardens By The Bay (GBTB shortened by Sairi who has me confused for awhile) as I haven’t been there. He’d been while doing part of his work so we thought we’d just walk around and just enjoy our company.

Till we saw the poster that filled a wall as we exit the Bayfront Mrt.

Earlier this year, we ran the Nike marathon and saw the poster for the exhibition and I told him I wanted to go for it.

Googled the price (Sg residents: $13) and GBTB was forgotten.

And I must say that it’s actually better than the Harry Potter exhibition. Harry Potter fans: don’t freak out. It’s just that with the Lego exhibition, there’s just loads to learn and new things to explore at half the price (I think).

There is literally something for everyone.

Basic info on the exhibition
• it’s all created by this guy called Nathan Sawaya
• all the works are really remarkable
• you’ll see different coloured Legos (you’ll realize that he might have customized the colours cause you sure won’t get those colours if you were to buy the Lego box out of a normal store)

Let the picture do the talking. I took a lot of pictures almost all of The exhibit I think except for one.
For this work, we’re able to try to replicate the water droplets.
And try we did. Our final masterpiece

“Why does it look like the middle finger?”

Looks like we can’t exactly quit our jobs just as yet to get into this path.

This peace logo was actually made my donated Lego pieces from all over the world. Who knew you could donate Lego pieces?!



For this piece, the hand is actually holding a small Lego piece. According to the description there’s more to the piece than the hand just holding the Lego piece. Sairi then pointed out that the shadow is actually a heart shape! Look at it again!

Amazing isn’t it?

At a glance you can tell that the bowl of fruit is made w Lego pieces. Can you tell that the set of drawers, the stand for the palette, the flooring, bowl of fruit in the back as well as the easel itself is made from Lego pieces too?


Fascinating isn’t it? Even the paintbrush was made from Lego pieces but its def custom made cuz it’s circular pieces.


Apparently this work is so popular tad many people would pretend to sit next to it that Nathan Sawaya put a chair next to it so that people can sit next to it and take pictures.








The (mini) Thinker






If I am not wrong this is his wife. Ok so all along I thought Nathan Sawaya was Japanese. No he’s not. He’s a white guy.

20121202-230330.jpg Jimi Hendrix
And a bunch of other portraits of which we have no clue who they were. Oh oh look at this picture

I bet you thought it was Britney didn’t you? It’s not. It’s a random person. Looks a lot like Britney though.

One of the things you could try at the exhibit was this iPad thing whereby you take a picture and they will Lego-Lise the picture.




Not too sure of we can download the app or not. At first Sairi & I were clueless and along came this guy who taught us. Bet he was younger than us and was laughing at us for not knowing how to work the iPad. Hahaha.

One of the deeper works.

I think I put too many pictures. Ok last picture.


Ok not last picture. I still wanna add some more.

At the end of the exhibition there was a place where kids can customize tote bags. I naturally wanted to do it.

“It’s more for younger kids.”
“It’s ok” (takes one tote bag)

If I had joined them, it’s like I’m a teacher surrounded by students doing arts and crafts
(Yes I still kept the tote bag)

Then we went to another part where we could build our own Lego pieces.

So happy w his work.

Look at mine. Just normal straight as can be.

Somehow Sairi had an idea.

So yes we built a bridge to connect our 2 works. HAHAHAHAH.

In all we spent a good hour plus in the exhibition, reading the description, guessing the number of bricks used in the work.

I enjoyed my Saturday with you.


With regards to the title of this post, Sairi couldn’t help but wonder how almost every piece could be supported and is usually symmetrical.

Night night people.


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