So I got engaged over the weekend.

Guess who got engaged over the weekend?!


For starters I’d like to thank those who had came and help and not forgetting that had given me their well wishes. I cannot express my gratitude enough.

I met up w a few of my classmates last Tuesday and Kamilah asked me

How long did you take to plan the engagement?


Everything was done in a span of 2 weeks. Best part? Within the 2 weeks I had

• family chalet
• 2 exam papers to sit for
• clean up the house
• send my kain for alteration (could only stand in it. It was that tight)
• and of course the engagement itself

Somehow Alhamdulillah it went well. Close friends and relatives came down to help out with the event and it couldn’t have run any smoother.

Pictures that I have in my phone with me

McGyver. Ahahaha












She helped me to take the pictures! Thanks Sulaiha!


What I learnt via the engagement
• 101 lessons on how & why to smile WITHOUT showing my teeth
• how to arrange your hands
• how to arrange my feet (or rather having people arrange my feet for me & staying in tht position)
• you die die cannot get out of the room
• must stay seated on the chair

And a bunch of other stuff that I’m sure will benefit me. I think. Hahahah.

And Thohirah wishes to point out that she contributed a lot too in lieu of me not being able to do anything that day like becoming the person who tops up the water & dishes.

How do I end off this post without sounding cheesy? I have no idea.

Typed out a bunch of stuff an still no clue on how to conclude this post. Ok I’m ending it here.

But it’s hanging. Ok last thanks for all that have helped & came & also to kawan’s (I mean Tunang’s) family.

Ok I’m done.


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