I’ve been a brat

Been over a month (or thereabout) since my last post. Quick post.

Spent quality time w my sister at JP just now and we were greeted by a different sight.

There were literally long queues at JP basement made by the foreign workers. My first thought was how nice and actually responsible of them to actually send money back home. It really was.

As I thought of the date, I came to realize that Deepavali is actually drawing near. Instantly I felt for them. It must have been hard being far away from their family what more during the festive celebrations.

Went around JP and saw most probably students working and instantly I felt so touched.

Back in the day when we saw students working at fast food joints/ sales person /etc u can’t help but snigger on them.

Now I realize more than ever that maybe these people didn’t have a choice due to whatever reasons they may have for working at such a young age. Granted there are those who’d want the experience an all, there are however the few who actually had to grow up faster and support themselves.

I’ve been a brat. My parents had always supported me and its only when I had to work (at like 20) then I realize the pain of having to work and supporting one’s self.

The other day I just saw this girl at 19 working 2 jobs. Saw her at a different place on a weekday, another at a different place on a weekend. At 19 I was a nonsense person to tell you the truth.

Things that I complain about nowadays are so superficial & I think I’m the only one with these problems. How silly I’ve been.

Anyways this wasn’t meant to sound emo (ok I know it does sound like an emo post) I choose to see it as a way for me to reflect on my life and what I’ve been through as compared to these young people working at such a young age.

What are your thoughts on this?


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