When was the last time you rewang?

Mine was yesterday.

What exactly is rewang? I guess the simplest I can explain is by saying its a form of gotong-royong by family members in helping to prepare the wedding feast the next day. It is not really practiced much nowadays cuz nowadays for weddings, they would use catering. You just pay for e food and the catering company would do up the food for you.

This time round Mak was roped in by Cik Yah who in turn roped me in as well.

Last week’s convo with Mak
“Kau jangan nak keluar next week. Kau teman Mak rewang kat…”

Truth be told, Mak was more excited about it that I am cuz she usually go for rewang in e past and yes I would tag along.

I’m usually the one who has to peel the onions and my best record was a dismal 5 before tears start streaming and the makciks would go

“Anak dara kau dah nangis Chom… HahAhaha!”

And that would be the end of my rewang session. I’d just sit around and eat and eat and eat till Mak is done. The makciks would sit down and exchange stories of how they are (and also gossips k. Why do you think they’d whisper excitedly especially when they are peeling onions? Heheheh)

So yesterday Mak was so nice. She gave me a job that is NOT peeling onions! *throws confetti in the air*

I had to peel potatoes & carrots instead. No tears!

Not peeled by me at all!

See the blue basin filled w water and carrots? There’s also potatoes in it.

My last job was to cut…

Cut cucumbers!

Let me tell you this. I’ve never cut so many cucumbers my in my whole life k!

Snippets of convo from the makciks around me (including my Mak)

“Maira ni kan tak pernah pegang sayur ni tau” (some kind of ulam)

“Mak macamane nak cuci ulam ni?” (Me not knowing how to wash the ulam)

“Dulu kite buat 5 orang aje. Sampai malam tak habis-habis”

“Cikgu learning journey eh Cikgu?”

“Nanti die datang, die Suruh kite makan”

I really enjoyed the whole experience but I had to leave early cuz I had to do DED. Thanks for all the help kawan. I buy for u lollipop k? 😀

I came late for the wedding today (had tuition) and I stayed w Mak till almost 5. My cousins and siblings had left earlier so I was left with no one. Mak was e one who sambut the tamu.

Nek busu couldn’t recognise me so she also sambut me.

“Jemput masok”

When she did recognise me

“Budak bertuah betul! Tak perasan aku budak ni”

(Maybe piled on too much make up tak? Yikes!)

So I only had 1 friend for company

Naura! Usually she just ignore me. Maybe today she took pity on me and decided to befriend me.

Our bunga mangga swords!

After playing with our so called swords, I realized something.

The girls around me were playing that with their friends too! I don’t know if I wanna laugh or shake head at myself.

All in all, I had fun. Even if it meant I was chasing small kids w my “sword”.

I just realized that recess week is over. Didn’t even feel like recess week at all. Pfft.


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