Never give yourself self-pity.

Was determined to write a post after I run so here I am at Jalan Bahar ok scratch that. I’m at e Jurong west stadium. I’m not sure of the stadium’s name. Ok wait it’s Gombak stadium. Ok positive it’s Gombak stadium.

Here’s what I did over e weekend.

Lazy picnic.

This is how we do it.

Mae & I trying to figure it why we any upload pics to Instagram.

Her awfully cutely wrapped present. The “happy birthday” part of the wrapper’s at the back of it.

Our 23-but-no-social-life face.

“Mae I’m no longer the shallow superficial girl you once knew.”
“Ye lah.”
*burst into a fit of giggles*

“When we run our 10k right, you can leave me if u want tau. I wanna enjoy the the scenery, drink water while walking…”
“No. I wanna run with you.”

Should stop procrastinating and start on my assignments.

Then again I feel like going out. Again. Le sigh. Should focus.

Ps somehow the title of this post came to me while I was running. Run-losophy.

Get it? Running philosophy? Run-losophy? Heheheheh.


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