Feeling-feeling Tuesday!

Class only starts at 2.30 for me today so I know I could squeeze in a workout (or not). I’ve got loads of school work to cover so I knew I wasn’t going to run.

I decided to do aerobics instead. Via YouTube.

I was so excited about it. (Ya I was about excited about myself. Hahahah)


Somehow I ended up on some intense 10 minute cardio video of which the Coach Kozak does 10 sets of workout each lasting 1 minute.

And you need weights right?


When Atok saw the weights in the room?

“Ni ape ni?”
“Ni Maira angkat besi”
“Kau angkat tu lagi bagus”

What exactly was he pointing to?

Ok my bad. It was actually the thing behind the bedak ular.


I’m such a selenge at times.


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