Musings of today.


1.) when u haven’t run in a long time, don’t try to start running when it’s scorching hot.

2.) then again, I’m happy I started running again.

3.) it’s best not to do a speech when you’re eating a sweet. You may accidentally spit the sweet out or swallow it thereby almost choking u midway into the speech. Either way, it’s not good.

4.) ALWAYS remember to save your documents. Especially when your laptop suddenly dies and you go “hoooomG! HoooomG!”which of course does nothing to solve the issue at hand.

5.) after u frantically put in the plug, u realize that u didn’t loose the doc after all. Phew. Nonetheless def not risking that again.

6.) my laptop is feeling ngiau right now. Yes. When my online meeting will start in 20 minutes, it starts to be ngiau. Not when I was doing my work for the past 30 minute.

7.) good morning messages never get old.

8.) I think I’ve had enough of whole meal bread this week. One more and I think I’m gg to be sick.

9.) today’s e last day I’m gg to be 22. The kuch kuch ho ta hei part where Anjali springs out of bed and wish herself happy birthday comes to mind.

10.) for what it’s worth, I think my life when I am or rather gg to be was 22 is not bad. Not bad after all.


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