What I’ve learnt.

I’m gg to turn 23 in a few more days and I was thinking maybe I should write abt what I’ve learnt when I was 22.

1.) my neighbor is still as crazy as ever.

2.) I should seriously not forget that I can be quite lactose intolerant.

And somehow the list stops there.

Nonsense I know. Wait. Wait. I think I have more.

3.) convos w kawan can be as nonsensical.

“kalau I Bom, u bom nuklear”

Yes. Exact words.

4.) I’ve gained weight and lost my stamina. Damn.

5.) I’ll sleep earlier on Monday. Think it’s retribution for saying kawan’s always sleeping earlier on Mondays.

6.) I haven’t been to town in months.

7.) I should seriously start on my ASS-ignments pronto.

8.) convos w Adin & Sahida are the best especially when one of us starts our perangai.

9.) Mae is still Mae.

10.) I should be the one initiating outings more w Aiishah.


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