Summary of my week!

This week was a cray-cray one. Back to back meetings. ASS-ignments. Well at least it’s over.

Picture diarrhea.

Half eaten sandwich on the way to bukit batok fire station. Of which I had a headache eating that.


Activities done there. It was quite an enriching experience. Learnt a lot abt how they fight fires, equipments used and how they dispatch people. Oh oh not forgetting the important addresses *smiles innocently*

I actually wore my watch to school not realizing that it had died till someone asked me for the time.

No I don’t need a new watch. I just need to replace the battery. Of which I’ve to travel to Tiong Bahru to the place.



My groupmates. Just realize that I don’t have a picture of Kamilah.

This picture below is a picture of me holding hands w the Javanese princesses!

Princesses according to them anyways.
Raden Ajeng Suriani & Raden Ajeng Hairani.

It all started with Raden Ajeng Kartini. Need I say more?😉




Last meeting before Monday’s presentation.

Wish us luck!

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