Woes of an epok-epok frying girl.

According to my timetable I’m free on Fridays. Which usually translates errands-running-day-or-anything-of-that-sort for me. At least according to Mak.

So today my errand: fry epok-epok.

How hard could it be?

Mak (from the kitchen) : Humairahhhhh!
Me (from the room): sayeeeeeee!
Mak: Humairahhhhh!
Me: sayeeeeeee!
Mak: tido eh?!!!!!!
Me: mane ade!!!!!!

Finally got my butt off Ye floor and into the kitchen.

Mak: kau buat ape?
Me: kawan maira ade problem
Mak: kau kisahkan kawan kau yang jauh punye problem yang Mak punye problem Kat sini kau tak boleh selesaikan. Siapa nak goreng epok-epok?!

So that’s how I started goreng the epok-epok.


And yes it’s a bit hangus. Of which Mak says its my fault for not controlling the temperature.

So even if pergi belajar tinggi-tinggi (well mine not that tinggi but that’s beside e point) but don’t really know how to fry epok-epok like a bit useless kan.

On another note it’s Friday. Go ahead and relax and have fun. Yes even if u are my friends in NIE and have tons of readings to catch up on.

Ok that advice a bit songsang. My point is take a break.

Ciao. Have a great weekend.


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