“Sekarang zaman dah tukar”

Yesterday I had a small open house for family and it completely slipped my mind to take pictures. Hehehe. Kawan asked me why didn’t I post anything up on it and so here I am 😀

That line was said my one of my grand-uncle Tok-Cik. Actually it went along these lines

Sekarang zaman dah tukar. Bukan laki aje tackle perempuan. Perempuan pun boleh tackle laki. Satu contoh baik: Nabi Muhammad SAW dan Khadijah.

At this time I was already laughing. Really.

After a while, he continued again.

kalau kau tengok dah gitu kau suke kat die, kau ajak die minum kopi ke. Ke kau jalan kau terlanggar die ke.

I know Tok-Cik meant well and why all this finding Jodoh talk?

Cuz he and Nek Zaharah actually got married at 23! And of course they just found out that I’m turning 23 (ahem in exactly 19 days! HEHEHE)

Only pic I have of is of Aiishah and I

And yes we look alike.

Nah kawan. Here’s one for u 🙂

Macho hugs and kisses :):):)


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