“Mati takpe asalkan jadi model!”

We recently got Mio TV and there’s always this ad whereby 2 women are quarrelling saying

Siapa nak kerje kat agency yang model die banyak mati?!

So this is Li’s reply.

Spent the day w Li and Thohirah looking for blackberry battery.

Model pictures.


Thohirah’s picture of overly attached girlfriend

She says she’s actually mocking the way I usually smile. No eh I don’t think so.

On the way to Bugis, punye lah drama. This Li and Thohirah can fight about what song to listen to. The funny thing is

1.) it’s Thohirah’s iPod
2.) it’s Thohirah’s earpiece
3.) Li wanted to be the Dj of the iPod

This is what happened next.

The earpiece manage to terbelit at the Mrt pole with Li not wanting to let go of the wire unless Thohirah listens to him and this went on for a good 5 minutes.


I realise that as a caring sister I should be stopping them instead d capturing the moments kan?!

Went to Sim Lim and managed to find the battery (Unicell #02-70 and #02-41). They sell all types of battery there. Not original but if u need the battery for a few more months then why not.

Li’s budget: $50
Actual cost: $11.16

Really not kidding.

Know how hard it is to decide where to eat when you’re out?

Went to Burger King. Sit. Took out all my coupons. Decided to eat at Long John instead. #likeaboss

Extreme couponing moment.
(Google Extreme Couponing. A good show. Well I like it anyways)


Parted ways w Li who met his friends and somehow I just realized that it’s been such a long time since I had a sister bonding time w Thohirah!

We went to Bugis+ and it’s actually not that bad. Went to Shana, Bershka & New look. Of course we had to take a picture in the toilet lah kan.


Yes I have a skinny sister and yea I’m wearing the jumpsuit. Haiya need to bring more clothes to Umah ayah instead of leaving it at Umah Nenek next time.

Mak called and asked if we wanted to meet her and ayah at JCube.



Now I’m tired and I nak sleep. Feet aching eyes drooping.

Macho *yawns* hugs and kisses.


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