“Ini the border eh!”

As usual I had a great time meeting up w Uni and Hajar yesterday night for a short dinner. It was great the never ending convos (bawah block Uni pun we can continue talking all the way!), the laughter and the jokes in between!

Hajar was from work so me and Uni decided to wait for her at Mac Taman Jurong (the one with the big Sheng Siong). Wait wait wait but this Hajar still didn’t appear.


So this 2 makcik decided to go to Sheng Siong.

Ok look at this thing

I remember going to the Sheng Siong at Jalan Bahar and having this conversation with Mak.

“Mak, bende ni murah! 1 for $7.95, 2 for $4.95!”

How bodoh was that?! So bodoh kan. So I told the story to Uni. Her reaction?

“Eh Maira Murah nye!”
“No Uni! *facepalm*”

Nampak sah this Makcik and her Anak Sedare (me!) same! *shakes head*

Hajar finally reached and we had a really great time just the three of us. Kak Siti was supposed to join us but she couldn’t make it. Next time k Kak Siti πŸ™‚

Coincidentally we all have guess wallets!



Hajar insisted that I cover up so that the three of us are the same hahahaha

Cuz I’m narcissistic like that.

Finally on our way back home!

Single as opposed to double HEHEHEH

Nak do this pose was hard for Hajar. Why? She didn’t know which hand to form the other half of the heart! Uahahahhaha Hajar you know I love you right? πŸ˜€

Our Last picture of the night! I had a really fun time guys!

Funny post from 9gag.


Macho hugs and kisses.


2 thoughts on ““Ini the border eh!”

  1. Wow.. You guys are great cousins.. We in our younger days did that too but more at weddings.. It wasnt that easy then.. Luv u all .. πŸ’—πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„πŸ˜‰

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