“I must be rajin!”

One of my lecturers said this and I find it funny. Yes we have to be rajin (hardworking) but somehow my DED group (subject thingy) took it to a whole level.

Saturday night we had an online meeting and it was going nowhere. As much as it pains me, we had to meet on Sunday (fine it was my suggestion but it still hurt k!)

Arif suggested a venue and to be honest I was happy that we had a place to do our work.

Hairani and Adin hard at work

This Arif sempat posing for the camerA!

I just had to insert my picture. HahAhaha
Kamilah couldn’t join us on Sunday and she didn’t come to school today. Hope she feels better 🙂

We did our work for like 3 hours churning ideas and discussing (while I didn’t feel like strangling anyone, someone else did heheheh)

Suddenly Hairani asked

“bile kene hantar ni? Besok kat class kite buat ape?”

Arif: Aku rase takde class

Us: HUH?

Me and Hairani started scrambling for our papers!

Arif went on

“Aku tak tulis notes ah tapi Aku tau bile tak sekolah”

Lo and behold


I even wrote it in red ink! The good side like what kawan said, we’ve done most of the work already 🙂

Lesson learnt


So yes my group was soooo rajin that we just did our work without questions.

Snippets of the conversation

“In doing this, I’m going against my genetic make up”

“Kau pernah notice tak kalau problem sums kan… mesti dapat!”

“eh ni mesti cakap pasal… Betul ah lazy, no child rearing method…. Eh tapi yang “delay gratification” pasal… Tapi tak masih pasal…!”

It was a good and fruitful session and yes I did burn my sunday but like I said it was good and fun actually

Macho hugs and kisses


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