Selamat hari lahir AMA!


Happy 21st Ama! I’m really thankful to have u as a good friend and all the nonsense that we did together! Goodness! Even some of the stuff that we did I can even imagine what we were thinking at that point of time eh.

From being studying buddies (all the consultation with Prof Mukhlis I really think he muak see our faces already), to shopping (just cuz we had consultation with the same Prof Mukhlis).

Come to think of it, a lot of our bonding time is cuz of Prof Mukhlis eh.

The grumbling of Morfo nye results (we were thinking we consulted Prof Mukhlis and got such results what if we NEVER consult him?!)

I bet in a way Prof Mukhlis was one of the reason why we bonded! What a theory I know.

You loom really ayu in tudung. Alhamdulillah your heart dah terbuka. Amin.

we must still shop together k! Especially when it’s payday (or after prof Mukhlis nye consultation HEHEHE)

Saaayang AMA!

*hugs and kisses*


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