Year 2 sem 1 day 1!

Finally my school day is done. Some of the conclusions that I’ve made

• I think I can go crazy in the first 6 weeks
• even though there are more modules than ever (8 to be exact) I somehow foresee that I might not be working harder than previous semesters

(Ironic I know. Yes that should not be the way and yes I should be working harder than ever)

• I miss my classmates. I really do.

snippets of the convo

“I am from above”

“merajuk lah keluar kereta! Ni tak”

“tangan dengan suare tak payah tunjuk eh”

“LKY will blame on you for not getting married and having children”

“that’s why Adin is the leader”

“eh nanti malam raya Adin message kite orang “ONLINE QUIZ IN 10 MINS!””

It was really good to see my classmates again after such a long time 🙂

Mak has decided that she wanna change the layout of hall at Umah Nenek.

And no I’m not going to blog every single day despite the title of this entry.


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