The inner kampung girl

One of the things my Nenek likes to see during Ramadhan is lots of kuih. She’ll constantly worry about not having enough kuih when people come house visiting.

For the past 2 years (I think) one of my uncles would bring Mak and some of my aunts back to his kampong in Malaysia to buy the kuih.

And they kept saying that it’s cheap, it’s cheap. So today I managed to follow them there. And trust me, it IS cheap.

There was a slight jam when we entered JB and I was tired so I slept in the car. Woke up and arrived at destination.

Cik Je: Maira pat sini pusing kanan
Me: maira Baru bangun tido

Which also translates that I’ve no idea what’s e route to that place.

I went to Renggam and somehow I didn’t take pictures of the place. It was mostly parked with Sg cars. U can get kuih from RM$12 up to RM$38.

Mak bought a big bag of rempeyek (about 3kg) for RM$36! Mind you when I helped Nenek changed her money the rate was SGD$100=RM$250!

After spending money, we went to visit Pak Iman’s family there. Oh how I’ve missed te kampung environment!

Ok the house behind Mak, Cik Je and Cik Mok is the before before.

This one behind Mak is before.

And this one is after! Hahahah.

The house is pretty. And very very bright.

Me: Mak, kenape rumah kite tak cantik Macam ni?

There were lots of coconuts on the property!



Oh oh guess what this is!

From the Korean shows that I’ve watched, it’s a machine used to grind sesame seeds so that you can get sesame oil.

For the more local Malay context, or maybe our region, it’s use is the same to grind beans. In this case, it’s used to grind soy beans to get our soya beam milk! Pretty cool right?!

My favourite has got to be the…


At first I was reluctant to sit on it cuz of obvious reasons

(Cik Mok and I were hinting that a certain Fatimah Rocker might be there)

But alas! The inner child in me won and as I sat on the swing and I realized that I should about my weight instead of Fatimah rocker!

The swing is attached on the a branch and as I sat, it dipped! So scary I swear! I mean what if the branch broke? And it’s all cuz of my weight?! *face palms*

So I only sat on it long enough for Cik Je to take a picture of me on it. No singing or rather croaking of “buai laju laju, Aku nak kawin dengan Anak raja”

What’s kampong without chickens?

So somehow there was this urge to chase the chickens. Yes there really was and I gave in to the urge. Guess what?

The chickens weren’t really scared. And I also can’t believe how I actually called them.

I did the usual crowing and followed by “eh come here” -.-”

I guess the teacher in me kicked in.

We then went to another kampong house. This one is a totally rustic environment. So rustic that I literally got bitten by a lot of mosquitoes!



That’s bunga kantan, used by some in their Rojak. I had no idea that it’s grows that way!

I was more fascinated by the flowers actually. It looks so familiar. Apparently it’s e flowers used by the Hindu believers for their prayers and if this flowers were in a park, it would not have been able to blossom as much as people would be plucking the flowers.

Passion fruit! Or buah markisa! Or buah susu as Mak calls it.

I swear the mosquitoes had a feast on my body. There was even one where it’s body was swelling w a red liquid while sucking on my biceps!

Finally it was time for us to leave and we passed by a pineapple field!


I should thank Cik Je for wanting to stop the car and take a picture of me hahaha.

Last stop before we head back was another kuih shop.

I haven’t seen this in the longest time and I swear it tastes very nice the last time I had it! It’s something like carbonated drink but the fact that u have to open it with a bottle opener makes it feel so cool.

Ok that is what that makes it cool for me k. Back when I was young. Ok till now that’s why it’s cool k.

Look at how big the bags of chips are! And it is really cheap! In Sg, the small bags are usually sold for 3 for $10 or 1 for $5. Here the small ones are sold for RM$3.50! Can’t really remember how much the big bags cost but it was sooo cheap ok!

Finally we’re on our way back home and trust me, even though it wasn’t scorching, the heat did get to us eventually.

I might wanna go there again when it’s not Puase. And somehow I’m craving for macs. Hmmm.


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