“Mak kau mane tau”

Mak decided that Umah Nenek needed a new colour.

What do u need when u wanna paint the house besides the obvious stuff?



Oh don’t forget to give yourself a ridiculous amount of time to paint. Say 9 hours cuz you’ll be under no pressure and might even be surprised that u managed to finish painting the hall in under 9 hours.




Why do u need Atok? Cuz he’ll attach the brush w the angkat Baju thing so that we can paint till the ceiling without climbing any chairs! (y)

Of course after the whole paint job we were lepak.

Snippets of convo

“Tok Mak kan Suruh bla bla bla…”
“Mak kau mane tau”

“kan senang lepas makan buang aje tak payah kemas-kemas”

“colour ni Macam colour gahmen”


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