What I’ve learnt today.

Quick post.

1.) I now know how to pry open a tin of paint.

2.) After watching Atok, I now know how to close the said lid of Tim of paint.

3.) it’s hard to fry goreng pisang. No kidding.

Or rather don’t make the batter too watery such that it won’t stick to the banana.

Ok. Ask Mak for help when obviously made a mistake with the batter instead of frying the bananas with the wrong batter.

4.) somehow family will still eat the said goreng pisang even though without much batter surrounding the banana.

Like what my Mak said in between her laughter as she looked at my miserable goreng pisang

“ni goreng pisang bogel”


“tu bodoh sombong” when I said I was shy to call her after I made the wrong batter.

Ok Fadli said Sth too

“nasib baik pisang die sedap”

Mak’s final words

“kene ade experience dalam dapur tau baru boleh buat goreng pisang”


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