Happy. Happy happy me.


Last weekend I volunteered to be part of the FOC team as one of the logs.

One of the best decision I’ve ever made. I swear. Endless laughter coupled with sleep deprived people (who knew 100 plus and red bull would be so strong? And please don’t try it.)

Managed to come only on Saturday of which Haida had to leave for her silat competition which made me the only girl with the other 9 log guys.

Abbas, Adi, Haikal, Redha, Khalid, Saif, Farhan, Pau, Fazlee.

Where they go I follow. Literally. From teh peng to milk tea, I really had a wonderful time with them.

Like what Khalid said “we need energy to rest and keep ourselves warm”

On Sunday there was a full team of us and it was even better. We managed to work really well and I must say Haziq and Haida are really wonderful as captains for e logs. I wouldn’t mind working under them again.

Oh oh guess what? I have a student named Saifuddin I ended up calling him Saif. True story.

I got pics from Wawa! Yay! So this is my awesome logs team. Ok so technically it’s Haziq’s and Haida’s logs team.


20120718-152100.jpgour Teh peng moment!








God knows how much I love these multiple shots! Hehehehe

Day ended with this

Thanks kawan šŸ™‚

By tues I’ve already had all my observations! And Alhamdulillah it went well šŸ™‚

(hence the title of this post. Happy. Happy happy me.)

Next week marks the end of TP1. This Saturday marks the 1st of Ramadhan.

Time flies. Nothing new.

Just remembered a convo w Khalid

Me: bla bla bla… Petite… Bla bla bla
Khalid: petite tu kan besar?
Me: noooo it’s small
Khalid: oh a’ah itu plump
Me: Ahahhahaha


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