“Do you know why it’s hot?”

Woke up to news that it’s going to rain in the whole of Singapore which means it might jeopardize my kawan’s plan to cycle at East Coast Park. Then again we decided to proceed with our plans anyways and improvise along the way.

Problem no. 1
We didn’t know what bus goes to East Coast Park. Yes Noob I know. Sungguh noob sekali. Google-d and found out that bus number 401 goes there.

Saw the TV in the interchange and it says 401’s bus timing is at 10.09. We happily waited for the bus to come and began talking and talking and talking and realized that it’s already 10.30!

Only then I realized that the first bus is at 1400hrs!

Problem no. 2
We still didn’t know what bus to take! My this kawan is from the north (I think) & I’m from the west. (I just realized that I could ask my friends who are in the east)

Thohirah’s answer when I asked her.

My this kawan decided to google and bus 196 it is! Still we didn’t know how to get there. Kawan decided to ask the bus driver. After 5 stops get off.

Problem no. 3
We got off at the fifth stop and guess what? We didn’t know how to walk there! Seriously getting to East Coast Park is so troublesome!

We walked walked walked and walked. Somehow I even saw Victoria School from the front! Usually I see it at the back ok. We continued walking and reached a junction.

My this kawan asked this Pak Cik how to get there.


As we walked, my kawan said

“I think the Pak Cik don’t know the way”

We went on the direction he pointed towards and true enough we begin to have doubts too. Saw an ang moh guy jogging and he pointed us to this direction


So yes we walked to wrong direction. We turned then and headed towards East Coast. We actually bumped into the Pak Cik again who was kind enough to admit his mistake

“Dik sorry Dik. Jalan depan ade underpass ikut underpass”

Hahahaha. The best part?

We met at 10, we reached East Coast Park at about 11.15. Mind you we were from Bedok.

We decided to have an early lunch we had satay ayam (sedap) and itik (a bit keras) and nasi pataya! Truly things were looking up for once. We ate and suddenly dark clouds appeared and wind started blowing.

Problem no. 4
It was ok you know till the wind started blowing the paper ashes that were burnt on the side. Not cool. Not cool at all.

It was blown towards us and once again we moved.

We were lucky enough to be a blue to find a shelter and surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of people at all. We waited till the clouds pass. Plus we just ate. So we thought we could wait and all

(lest we puke while we cycle. Even then, I doubt we’d cycle fast enough to puke kan -.-“)

Problem no. 5
The darks cloud did pass by and from where we were we could see that it was raining on the other side of East Coast. When we finally wanted to cycle, it started drizzling on our side.

So yes in the end we did not cycle. At all. Even though we were at East Coast.

In the end, we just had a long walk at East Coast talking and all.

Then came the decision to go to town cuz I know bus 16 goes to town. Even though yes we were dressed in beachwear.

Me in my running tee, crocs and folded jeans. Kawan in tee, jeans and sandals.

Problem no. 6
We reached only to find that there’s no movies within the timing. In the end we just walked around till I had to leave.

Somehow with all these problem I had a great time spending the day with my kawan. Really the nonsensical conversation, the totally tak-tau-malu-angkat-diri moments *shakes head at myself*

Snippets of convos

“what if I get fat?”
“everyone gets fat”

Me: “you know why it’s hot or not? Cuz I’m around you that’s why hahahah”
Kawan: -.-”

While we were at town
Kawan: “you know why it’s hot?”


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