“Uztaz cannot wear short sleeve ah?” -Li

Tonight my extended family had a Kenduri in light of Nisfu Sya’ban. It was definitely fun and great to see most of us here cracking jokes amongst the cousins, aunts and uncles.

I came home to this sight.

Lauk Raya! I was shocked to see lauk Raya for the Kenduri. Really.

Mak was explaining that cuz Ammar is going to Mesir to further his studies during Ramadhan (which is the fasting month), she wanted him to taste some Raya fare before he leaves.

At about 6 plus, he came to Umah Nenek to send the ice and syrup for the drinks.

Me and Mak were happy to receive him you know till we ask him when he’s leaving.

Mak: Bile Ammar gi Mesir?
Ammar: Lepas Raya.

Just like that, me and Mak burst out laughing and started telling him that we (ok it was solely Mak who cooked with the help of Cik Yah) cooked just for him. Poor boy felt so guilty! HahAhaha

Then again it was definitely nice to eat Raya food πŸ˜‰

The Uztaz wearing short sleeve. The real (humble) Uztaz beside with a serene smile.





The two Zaharahs’! My Nenek and Hajar’s Nenek.


Cik Umi has officially belong to the Mak Cik Mak Cik clan!



There’s even serawe durian (by then I was too full to eat)!


Fourth of July also means that it’s Ami’s birthday! So we even had cake for Nisfu Sya’ban!

Too much food and yes I really think I’ve put on weight -.-” food too good but I ain’t complaining πŸ˜‰

The company was great. Thohirah decided to sleep over at Umah Nenek and then she came to after all the guests had left.

“Kaklong I need you to sew a button for me!”

If you know me, you’d know that I can’t sew -.-”

Here’s a picture flood of me sewing in my Baju tido. No I’m not in Baju butterfly. Just a very old JVS shirt. Very old.










The final product

I think Thohirah was quite horrified by the experience. She was the one who guided me on how to sew. And yes it’s cuz she was desperate that’s why she asked me.

It’s 6.22 in the morning and this 241 bus driver is too kind. I’ve got to cross the road to get to the bus stop. As I crossed in front of his bus, he flashed to light at me, sorta asking if I’m boarding the bus. I signaled no and he smiled before driving off.

Good bus drivers made my day. Oh oh and good morning messages too πŸ˜€

Have a great Thursday guys!


4 thoughts on ““Uztaz cannot wear short sleeve ah?” -Li

    1. HAHAHAHAH MEMANG SPAM PON! Ya funny kan?! He leaving after raya and we have all the raya lauk for him -.-” but mestilah sedap kan makan ehehehhehe and yes both are Hajar’s Nenek ;p

  1. hahahaha thoira ptt dtg kat kak uni instead, uni bkn pndi jahit la kn..but atleast better than kak long!! hahaha ok dtas funny~~

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