How Thohirah helps me remove my make up

I was removing my make up using those make up remover wipes and she wanted to help me wipe it away. Seeing that she’s not feeling well, I thought I would let her help me.

She was laughing at my face literally. Half had make up on and the other was without it.

“somehow I think I’m gg to regret allowing you to help me remove my make up”

True enough, she took one swipe at my face before she decided that it was geli and stopped doing it.

Clearly she exerted force on her fingers onto my face.

Removing my mascara.

Make up free face.

These are some of the convos that took place today.

Mak and I.
“Kalau kau nak makan, makan setengah aje”
“nanti kau gemok”
“Mak tak baik seh”
“nasib baik Mak bagi kau makan setengah Dari Mak bagi kau suku untuk makan”

My kawan and I
“ni ikhlas ke tak ni?”
(my food accidentally tersembuh to the face while trying to make my point)

“Aku tempat Jurong Aku tak biase. Aku tau tempat Orchard, Chinatown, Arab Street.”
“a’ah. Kau tau die dekat Jurong Point die jalan pusing-pusing sesat. Tak dapat carik jalan keluar”

Mak and ayah
“sebab tu chom tak suke bawak mike keluar. Nak balik. Nak balik. Chom nak tengok orang yang hensem Kat situ”
*points to the Arab singers at the wedding*

My Saturday went well with impromptu movie plan & hearing unexpectedly funny convos. How was yours? 🙂


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