“And then… And then…”

Last night a bunch of us decided that we’re going to meet up one last time before practicum starts and it was great fun. The teasing of each other (Halal and Semi-Halal), the endless laughter, the usual complains (My school never get back to me!).

I had a great time yesterday. Do u girls feel the same way too? 😉

Somehow Izni and I were dressed alike! Unbelievable!

And of course despite saying we’ll take pictures of us, we never did. -.-”

Sungguh annoying.

In love with my this Poplook top!

Same top colour as mine! And our jeans were both from f21! Coincidence? Hmmm…

Luckily Fitri was with us. Even though we decided on the venue, we didn’t know how to order. We were so deng I tell you.

Finally get to meet Adin! It’s been far too long since I last saw her



Amalina with her jelingan maut! Hahahahah

Teringat the “Padan muka” story! Hahahahha




I had to leave early and on my way back, Thohirah was spamming me!


Yes I’m speechless too. She told me I should be honored that she chose to spam me tau! Nonsense that girl.

In Li’s voice “Hai… Budak-budak zaman sekarang…”


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