AD ’12: Nubuat Dewa Pujangga


From a hectic Saturday morning at JB to Awallah Dongdang (AD) at night, I had a tired Saturday. I’m not complaining though 😉

Trip to JB with a little mini drama whereby somehow we lost one of us was scary but then again when we were reunited we can’t help but laugh about the audacity of it actually happening.

Mak and Thohirah.

Ok somehow I was supposed to meet Fitri at 6.30 at Bugis. I knew it was not possible. So I pushed it to 6.45 and further pushed it to 7.

I met her at 7.20 instead. How horrible I know.

“I’m already reaching. Text me once you reach” (time: 6.57pm)
“Fitri don’t scream k. I’m only at Dover ://”

Partly why I was late was that I reached Sg later than expected. Between the showering and getting ready and putting on make up and buying the flowers. Yes I was late.

The Carnations. Maybe Fitri wasn’t that upset cuz I got her one as well.

When I finally met her at Bugis

“Lah sempat pulak die ni gi Johor!”


Izni and Amalina already told us to sit at the front. So somehow or rather naturally we got in immediately once the doors opened and chose a rather comfortable seat.

So this is when selenge bachin-ness steps in. We took pictures in the dark. And even after the whole performance I never took a picture with her.

We were quite happy with our seat. It’s right smack in the middle. Our happiness was short lived. Turns out the Guest Of Honour sat right in front of me.

MP of Chua Chu Kang Encik Zaki Mohamed.

So much for wanting to say “BAIK IZNI!”

I was so happy to see Natrah performing! It’s like finally she joined something. Hehehe

It’s always nice to see Dee performing. Really. So lemah lembut.


Amalina totally got out of her comfort zone by being sooo super duper mentel! Really I swear!


This guy was so evil. He brought out his character very well. From the hitting to the dying. Quite good you know.


Love love love the Permaisuri’s Baju! So cantik. (Ok maybe it’s cuz it’s white)


Meet Arini. She was so calm and cool and composed throughout her part. Best part? She actually managed to fit in a 10 day holiday to Korea lah in the middle the practice sessions! Can anyone beat that? Hahahahah! She admitted to practicing at Jeju Island at night. Disciplined or what this Arini.

The one with the blue pants is Aisha Azmi. I guess I’m going to start calling the Aishah with their father’s name as well. Too many Aishahs. Hahahha. Her cackling was scary and yet good at the same time. Doubt I can pull off the character w all the cackling and laughter.

This part is true k. It was a free seating event and there was this Malay girl who sat beside me with who I presume to be her boyfriend. And she said this and I quote word for word.

“eh ade Aisya Azmi. Ni semua orang kuat TPJC”

I’m not kidding. Unless there’s another Aisya Azmi around, then I think it’s the Dip Ed Aisya Azmi.

So that’s abt all the pictures that I have taken. And I realize I only take pictures of people I know. So I didn’t take picture of the lead people and other. Heh. I do feel a bit bad though.

Been such a long time since I saw Natrah and like I said above, I’m happy that she finally tried something 😀

Fazee the always pretty and graceful person!

Dee! From colleagues to running partners. Maybe I just might go to more of such Malay performances. Hehehe

Izni! You kept on hitting me with the flower I got for you! Hahahah

Finally Fitri and I left so in the train we talked and laughed ourselves silly. It’s always fun to play the “Would you rather… Or would you rather..” game.


I had a great time with My family on the trip to JB, Fitri and seeing my friends performing. Now I can’t wait for next Saturday to come. Yay!


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