At this point, I’m just drained. I normally don’t post sad, heavy aspects of my life (personally i think it’s better to keep a record of happy memories but that’s just my opinion) but today I’m hoping that by posting this, I can lift off some burden that I consciously or subconsciously carry with me.  … More Drained. 

One for the memories 

This was after marghrib today. During marghrib, Luthfiya was being herself.  Pointing out that our telekung were all different during prayers. “Ni tak same, ni tak same, ni tak same”. Lying on her tummy while we all sujud, thus forcing me to go behind to sujud. 


Of late, I have been reminiscing my secondary and pre-university years. I am not sure why though. It’s not like there were events triggering it but simply me looking back and appreciating those memories more (although I do agree with the thought that I am just remembering the moments like how I want them to be … More Reminiscing.

We are all broken in our own little ways.  That makes us who we are.  Just a little reminder from me to me when I read back my posts in years to come. 


The other night, Mr Hub-hubs and I were discussing our (very) different parenting styles and it came to this point. Mr Hub-hubs said this.  I’m scared that if I don’t give her (Luthfiya) and suddenly she pass away, I will regret it.  Of course it sounded dramatic but I’ve been thinking, if Mr Hub-hubs pass … More Regrets